Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Buying a Wii from Capitalistic Hosers

I've been looking for a Wii for the last couple weeks and the experiences I've had have really pissed me off. The stupid capitalistic Americans that are too lazy to get a real job are waiting at Best Buy and Circuit City to buy up as many Wiis as they can so they can be "business owners" that resell what has already been resold.

The results of these activities are sad. Stupid people seem to be selling overpriced stuff to other stupid people. In fact, Ebay should change it's name to "Idiot's Exchange". That happens to be the best summation that I can find for what I am seeing. As stupid people bid a Wii up to twice it's MSRP the capitalistic geniuses go buy all of them from the retail stores and sell them to the idiots on ebay. I wouldn't be surprised if the employees at the retail stores are just buying them before the doors open and re-reselling them from home. They are probably making more from that than they are from being Customer Service Representatives anyway.

This rant hasn't made too much sense because I don't wright well wen im on my soopbox.
But if there are any stupid Ebay scalpers out there I have a better way to make money. (see below)

Pay Toilets - the ultimate money maker!

Not the kind you pay to get into, NO that's discouraging. Pay toilets will make you a lot of money if you put the coin-slot/bill-accepter on the INSIDE! Yes, nothing says welcome to America like a public toilet that won't let you out unless you pay.

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The Nielsens said...

I LOVE YOU!! Thank you for making me laugh and for putting my thoughts into words I couldn't find. You rock. I love you!!!!