Monday, January 30, 2006

Wiki Wiki

Well, for this weeks assignment I had to find a way to contribute to Wikipedia. I looked at a subject I knew well, Charter Schools, but then I realized it is edited by a lot of teachers and there shouldn't be any errors. Then I tried searching for words that could have been misssspelllled, but to no avail. Finally I found the Utah State University page and found a couple of miniscule grammatical changes.

I'm sure if I searched a few more pages I would have found more errors, but it seems to me that wikipedia is well cared for. It is nicer than a textbook or page that is created by Encarta or Britannica because if there is a typo I can change it right away. Most people wouldn't be willing to send an e-mail to the webmaster of the others to tell them of errors. That seems to be a big advantage of Wikipedia.

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Bobbe said...

So true.......... For those of us with borderline ocd, it is nice to be able to fix errrrorrrsss instantaneously. But I wonder if you can fix the errors in my comment?